Censorship at Pride Toronto!

I was informed by Jewish Voice for Peace (see link) that the organizers of Pride Toronto are censoring a group — Queers Against Israeli Apartheid — that plans to protest against the Israeli government practices against Palestinians. This is an unacceptable measure, independently of any agreement with the group (I do agree with it, btw), and the fact that this is happening on the queer community — a marginalized/oppressed one — adds more oddity to it.

If anyone reads this post, please send a message to the organizers. Maybe they’ll reconsider the mistake made.

The following is the message sent by me:

I was informed through Jewish Voice for Peace about the censorship on Pride Toronto regarding criticism on Israel’s state policies, and I am truly sad that such act happens in a space that supposedly advocates for freedom, especially for the oppressed people in the world (although Pride focuses on certain aspects of oppression, the fight we all share is founded on the principle of individual liberties).
I am personally convinced about the outrageous conditions Palestinians live in, being systematically oppressed by the state of Israel, and how this state has been disrespecting human rights and international conventions with the open — and somewhat cynical — support of the United States of America. However, what is at stake on the Pride censorship issue is not whether this is a righteous political position, and if Pride organizers or sponsors agree or not with it: the discussion here is about the right of people to voice their opinions, to march in defense of what they believe needs to be changed. And that right shall not be taken from us.
Therefore, I would like to kindly ask you to reconsider your position in this matter. I can only imagine how hard it can be to negotiate these issues, having so many divergent opinions and so much work to be done. But I trust that the rights of people to speak up will prevail even among those who disagree with what is being said (about Israel), for it is this freedom of the oppressed and marginalized that allows us to prevent the tragedies that taints our History books.

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