These people (or an ode to pride)

I really appreciated the opportunity to attend the celebration of Trans Pride Day, at Sherbourne Health Centre. It was an occasion in which I did not feel like an outcast – even though I was not en femme -, because it was not absurd that a man wears a nice dress or a woman has a male gender identity. The lines below came at around 4am of the following night of sleep:

These people (or an ode to pride)

Who are these people,

In their clothes and shoes,

Mannerisms and hairstyles,

Challenging social norms

Like it’s nobody’s business?


Never seen them before,

But clearly there was a part of me in them.

Who are these people,

Speaking of pride and liberation,

While I philosophize about who I really am.


Some other people seem to know well

Who these people are, after all.

Their words are filled with social norms

And a particular kind of medical knowledge.

Their certainty scares me.


Who are these people?, I might not know.

If they are just crazy, then crazy I am, too.

But fact is, the pride I felt in that room

Was the pride of free people,

Perhaps liberating another perplex soul.


Viviane V.


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