Will Zion come?

It seems that the days of injustice always existed, and are not going to vanish any soon.

Their strength lies on powerful mechanisms, powerful institutions.

They are the ones who decide. They are the ones who define.

And if, by their definitions, you are an aberration, or have a disorder,

To all effects, you are and you do have.


But behold!

No matter how powerful, no matter how oppressive,

Them won’t control your hearts, if you don’t let them.

For them have material control, but will never control our iration.

And then, if in our definitions we are wise and good,

No diagnostics and no stigmas shall affect us.


So, you can come and ask, in hopeful eyes,

What about Zion? When is it coming?

And the answer comes with a full heart,

No one knows, no one knows.

It might never come, indeed.


There is one thing that is sure, though,

And it is that Zion can only come from struggle,

One that starts in our hearts, and strives in our union.

And if it does not come within our lifetime,

Don’t despair, for our children shall inherit

Either Zion or the never-ending fight for freedom.


They might win the battle, they’ll never win the war.



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