Texto incrível pra se criticar cisfeminismos transfóbicos.

Emelina Minero Writes

By Allison Moon
Author of Hungry Ghost, the sequel to Lunatic Fringe.

Emelina invited me to share my thoughts on the intersections of Trans* and Feminism, as inspired by a panel I was a part of at WisCon, a feminist Science Fiction/Fantasy conference. The questions I seek to address are listed in this post.

This essay has to be introduced with some disclaimers: 1) The first is that as a cis-y (cis-ish?) queer woman, there’s only so much perspective I can offer, and naturally my opinions are my own and don’t necessarily represent Emelina’s or any other person anywhere, ever. 2) Because we didn’t record the panel referenced earlier, I won’t attempt to recreate the comments made by anyone else in the room, and I’ll only speak from my experience. 3) This post specifically addresses trans women and the intersection of their struggle for equality…

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