I Can’t Tell You How to Love Trans Women

Black Millennials

By Michelle Jones

Most people don’t know how to love trans women. And to be perfectly clear, I don’t mean that in a harmless, innocent way. I don’t mean like awkward virgins fumbling around in the dark, or jaded young adults who don’t believe in romance. It’s not natural or incidental. Our world has a vested interest in perpetuating the notion that trans women are unlovable.

As much as I want to write an article on how to love trans women, I really can’t do that yet. Far too many of you don’t even know how to respect trans women. You don’t know how to treat us with basic courtesy. You don’t know how to see us as whole, finished human beings, deserving of dignity.

There are plenty of examples we can look at. In Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, when Jim Carrey finds out the woman who kissed him…

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